Whether you’re finding yourself challenged by a recent stressor in your life or grappling with an ongoing conflict you’ve been unable to resolve alone, our experienced therapists can help you to overcome difficulties and find greater happiness, confidence and clarity.

How We Help

One-on-one counseling provides an opportunity for you to talk openly about your thoughts and feelings with a qualified, caring, nonjudgmental professional.

We have experience and expertise in a wide range of areas including, but not limited to:

      • Depression
      • Anxiety
      • Self-image, self-esteem or self-worth
      • Relationship problems
      • Family stress
      • Anger management
      • Grief and loss
      • Parenting issues, including single parent and blended families
      • Significant life transitions, such as divorce, job loss or illness
      • Domestic violence


For older adults, we have clinicians who are experienced at addressing the psychological challenges of aging. These may include loss of a loved one, decline in physical ability, changing expectations of life.

For individual counseling, please call (615) 356-4234