Kosher Food Boxes

Since 2009, Jewish Family Services has been providing supplemental kosher food to Jewish families and individuals who are struggling financially on a monthly basis.

Kosher food boxes are given on a confidential basis, and contain items that have been approved by a rabbi and a dietician.  The boxes can feed an individual or couple for one week, or a family of four for five days.  In addition to the non-perishable items that come in the box, recipients also receive a voucher for fresh fruits and vegetables, which can be redeemed at the vegetable stand located on the corner of Highway 70 and Percy Warner.  Giving each family an opportunity to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables is just another example of how JFS strives to care for the community.

Currently JFS is the only food bank in Nashville that supplies solely certified kosher selections, others may provide a few.  Approximately 20 families per month currently participate in the Kosher Food Box program.

To apply for the Kosher Food Box Program please contact Toni Jacobsen at (615) 354-1672 or email:


 “I look forward to getting the monthly food box which enables me to buy fresh  bread, milk and cheese.”
~ Kosher Food Box recipient