Legacy Giving – Life and Legacy

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant”

~Robert Louis Stevenson

A Promise for the future

Your participation in the community-wide LIFE & LEGACY program does not require a cash donation today.  It is simply a promise for the future.

JFS Legacy Society Members are people like you, who want to:

  • Enable JFS to meet the challenge of changing social and economic conditions that constantly create new needs and that demand new and innovative responses, just as we have for the past 168 years.
  • Ensure that when community members are in need or in crisis, they will always be able to turn to JFS for support and guidance.
  • Stand up and be counted as part of your community’s collective effort to create a more just world for your generation and for those to come.

Including JFS in your estate plans enables you to support programs and services that are most important to you and to leave a lasting legacy while retaining control of your assets during your lifetime.

What is LIFE & LEGACY™?

Jewish Family Service is one of thirteen community partners participating in Nashville’s transformational LIFE & LEGACY™ program. LIFE & LEGACY™ is a partnership of the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) and the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee that promotes after-lifetime giving to benefit the entire Nashville Jewish community.  It represents a shared commitment by local agencies and congregations to work together to secure a more vibrant Jewish future. The program is founded on the principle that all of us, regardless of age, wealth or affiliation can make an enduring impact.

How to leave a Legacy Gift?

The simplest methods of leaving a legacy are through a will or estate plan or by adding or changing a beneficiary designation on a retirement fund or life insurance policy. Your legacy commitment can be a percentage or a specific dollar amount.

Click here for  a link to the community wide Letter of Intent- FINAL

JFS Legacy Society Members (as of 4-2-21)

JFS thanks you for your commitment to legacy giving! 

Anonymous (5)

Theresa and Kevin Alexandroni

Felicia and Ken Anchor

Larry Averbuch

Richard Barnett

Lynn and David Barton

Didi and Brian Biesman

Jamie and Jeremy Brook

Starlet Burney

Robin and Mark Cohen

Mary Cornelius and Elaine Taubin

Erin Coleman

Karen Dotter

Annette Eskind

Andrea and Kevin Falik

Nancy Flexer

Lisa Forberg

Nili and Eitan Friedman

Harris Gilbert

Natalie Glazer

Cindee and Michael Gold

Bernie Goldstein

Bernice and Joel Gordon

Robert Gordon

Reta Guttman (z’l)

Heidi and John Hassenfeld

Rachel Hauber

Sandra and Steve Hecklin

David Heller

Toni and Dick Heller

Reva and Gene (z’l)  Heller

Rae and Bruce Hirsch

Melanie and Doug Hirt

Jackie Karr

Pam and Shaul Kelner

Leslie and Howard Kirshner

Ruth Klar

Glenda and Lee Kraft

Roslyn Landa

Valerie and Adam Landa

Kim and Brian Lapidus

Leslye and Steve Lapidus

Yuri Livshitz

Mary Loventhal Jones

Diana and Shelly Lutz

Patty and Jimmy Marks

LaQuita Martin and Richard Orland

Elaine and Frank Parker

Suzy Perlman

Daniella Pressner and Rabbi Saul Strosberg

Edria and David Ragosin

Marsha Raimi

Esther and Steven Remer

Evan Rittenberg

Marissa and Ben Russ

Arlene and Howard Safer

Stan Schklar and Marco Fernandez

Suzanne and Jimmy Schulman

Lisa and Mike Shmerling

Elise Small

Nan Speller

David Steine, Jr.

Cindy Stone and Mark Glazer

Alyssa Trachtman

Katie and Adam Wayne

Karen and Howie Weil

Erin and Greg Zagnoev

To start the conversation about joining those listed above , please contact Pam Kelner, Executive Director, at 615-354-1644 or pgkelner@jfsnashville.org   or JFS Life and Legacy Team Leader Sandra Hecklin at 615-356-3473.

“One Who Saves a Single Soul Saves an Entire World. Sanhedrin 37a”