Jewish Job Network

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”   ~ Maimonides

Jewish teachings show that the highest form of charity is giving a person independence (work) so that he or she will not have to depend on charity.

This is the goal of the Jewish Job Network which was initiated in February 2009 to help Jewish community members weather the economic downturn.   The Jewish Job Network is a confidential committee of 30 compassionate and expert business leaders, who review resumes, respond if they have related opportunities, or send resumes to colleagues where appropriate.

“Wow! We’re really impressed with the efficiency of the job service provided by JFS.  Within a couple of hours of our son submitting his resume, he received two calls.  One interview scheduled for the following day turned out to be a wonderful fit for him.  How grateful he is and we all are for this incredible networking system at JFS – the best kept secret in town.”  – Jewish Job Seeker

If you hire, or have colleagues and friends who are in the position of hiring for their company, and wish to be a part of the Jewish Job Network committee, please contact Pam Kelner at (615) 354-1644 or email:

If you are Jewish and are a job seeker and would like to have your resume forwarded to the Jewish Job Network, please send your resume to