Jewish Family Service recognizes the tremendous value that volunteers bring to our community. We also recognize the wonderful feeling that we all get from helping others. We want to help you make that connection to your community.

Every year, more than 125 people volunteer on behalf of Jewish Family Service. Many volunteer opportunities exist so that you can find something that interests you and fits into your schedule. We have opportunities that are bi-weekly, monthly or even just one-time a year opportunities.


Volunteering with Seniors

Helping Hands Program: 
  JFS matches volunteers with homebound, isolated seniors and people with disabilities for companionship and support. The goal is to help people continue to live independently as long as possible.  Contact Anna Sir for more information (615) 354-1686 or email:  helpinghands@jfsnashville.org

Religious Programming at Assisted Living Facilities:  JFS brings Jewish life to assisted living facilities.  Many Jewish residents are unable to travel to synagogue or the GJCC for religious programs, so we bring the programs to them.  Examples include beautiful Shabbat services (complete with challah and wine or grape juice) and other Jewish holidays.  Contact Anna Sir for more information (615) 354-1686 or email: helpinghands@jfsnashville.org

Low Vision Aids Program:  Many seniors are unable to perform basic activities such as cooking, telling time or dressing due to failing vision.  This program provides low-vision aids to seniors so that they can maintain independence.   JFS social workers identify and refer seniors with low-vision to a committee that consists of trained volunteers, supervised by Elaine Parker – representative of B’nai B’rith.  The volunteer meets with the senior to determine which low-vision aids would be helpful and trains the senior on how to use the aid.  To be referred for this program, please contact Toni Jacobsen at (615) 354-1672 or email:  tljlcsw@aol.com

Jacobs Ladder:  Do you want to help a senior who is unable to get up on a ladder to change their light bulb or replace a smoke detector battery?  Contact Anna Sir at (615) 354-1686 or email:  helpinghands@jfsnashville.org

Volunteering to Help Those in Need

Kosher Food Boxes: 
Once a month volunteers get together to pack kosher food boxes for families in need of supplemental food assistance.  Contact Toni Jacobsen at (615) 354-1672 or email:  tljlcsw@aol.com

Hanukkah Gift Program:  Volunteers purchase gifts for families in need of extra assistance at Hanukkah.  Families are qualified by JFS and then submit their wish list of gifts for their child.   All donors and recipients are anonymous.  Contact Toni Jacobsen at (615) 354-1672 or email:  tljlcsw@aol.com

School Supply Program:  Volunteers purchase school supplies for families in need of assistance at the beginning of school.  For families on a tight budget, purchasing school supplies puts an extra strain on the finances.  All donors and recipients are anonymous.  Contact Toni Jacobsen at (615) 354-1672 or email:  tljlcsw@aol.com


Administrative and Agency Support


JFS has many on-going projects at our office.  There are always projects that need your energy, and you may submit your name and contact information as an “on-call” office volunteer or contact us regarding a specific skill you have to share with JFS. Opportunities range from basic mailings to professional skills in marketing, writing articles, photography at events, assistance with fundraisers, and legal.   Contact Janet Parr at 615-356-4234 or email:  info@jfsnashville.org