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We are passionate advocates for adoption equality and understand that love knows no bounds.

If you are an LGBTQ+ person in Nashville or Middle TN who is considering adoption, you have come to the right place. As a gay-friendly service, we will guide you through the adoption process with understanding, sensitivity, reliability, dignity and 40 years of adoption experience.

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LGBTQ+ Adoption History

We are proud that through our Adoption Journeys program, more than 65 children have been originally adopted and over 115 children have been provided security and stability through second parent or step-parent adoption in the LBTQ+ community.


When an openly gay Nashville man tried to find an adoption agency to help him in his quest to adopt a child, JFS was the only agency to say “YES.”



When a state judge searched for an agency to conduct the first home study for a second-parent adoption, JFS was the only agency to say “YES.”



JFS was awarded the Human Rights Campaign Equality Award for the adoption and advocacy work that we do with the LGBTQ+ community.



JFS became the first child welfare agency in Tennessee to be certified by the Human Rights Campagin as an “All Children’s All Families Agency.”

Are ready to grow your family?

How We Serve

LGBTQ+ Adoption in Tennessee

Since 2002, JFS has been the adoption agency that says “YES!” to enthusiastically to serving the LBTQ+ community through adoption.
Are adoptions services available to everyone?

Yes! While some of our other programs are available to only those of the Jewish faith, our Nashville adoption services are available to the entire community.

How do I get started?

You can send a request here, or call us at (615) 356-4234.

How will you keep my information private?

All communications with JFS are confidential and all employees must sign confidentiality agreements. Written records are kept in locked files. Although our offices are located within the Gordon Jewish Community Center, the entrance to our offices are in the back of the building with a private entrance and fully confidential.

Do you charge fees for service?

 Adoption is a fee for service program.  Contact us for more details. 


"The staff of Jewish Family Service gave our family a sense of compassion and caring in a sometimes challenging process."

- Adoption Client

"I wanted to take this time to remind you how very much you are appreciated."

- Adoption Client

"We wanted to let you know how truly appreciative we are that you have been so friendly and efficient in getting [our adoption] done for us in a timely fashion. You have far exceeded our expectations and made this experience very pleasant for us both. It was truly a pleasure meeting you."

- Adoption Client

Inclusion Commitment

Jewish Family Service believes that families can be comprised of many different make ups because love knows no bounds. JFS is proud to offer services to anyone compelled to adoption, no matter their religious affiliation, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.