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Items That Tell a Story

At JFS, some of our most used “office supplies” actually tell a story about the work we do to assist our clients.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

We’ve compiled the items in the below image to help you better understand some of our programs. These are items we use frequently at JFS – in some cases every day.

Take a Peek!

Click each item to learn more about how they’re used and why they’re a key part of the work we do.

If you would like to learn more about them, please reach out to our staff.

Thank you for your continued support of our community!


Expandable Ball

Related Service: Counseling

Childhood and adolescence can be a challenge. At JFS, we offer a comfortable setting where skilled professionals can help children, teens, and their families understand and resolve emotional and behavioral problems and learn and identify solutions to handle life’s obstacles. Sometimes, a distraction like this expandable ball can be a valuable resource.

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Related Service: Counseling

Life can be challenging, relationships can be hard, and you may need extra support. As a result, the Kleenex are our largest office supply! Tears of joy and of sadness are shed in every program that we offer – counseling, support groups, adoption, beads of courage, and more.

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School Supplies

Related Service: Financial Assistance

Start the new year with confidence. Armed with enough school supplies to get them through the year, families don’t have to worry about the financial burden that comes with purchasing all that their student needs to thrive. We offer these resources to those in need.

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Hanukkah Gift Program

Related Service: Financial Assistance

Since 1993, we have been ensuring that all children can celebrate the holiday with dignity. This confidential program that allows families facing financial difficulties to receive gifts for children during Hanukkah.

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Kosher Food Bags

Related Service: Food Assistance

The Kosher Food Box program works to ensure that those that don’t have adequate finances to meet their grocery budget can still be well fed. It includes a combination of healthy, dietician approved perishable and non-perishable foods, provided on a monthly basis.

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Senior Seder

Related Service: Older Adult Support

Some of our older Jewish population who live in assisted living facilities are unable to travel to their synagogue or the GJCC for the holidays, so JFS brings the holidays to them! From Shabbat services with challah and wine, to Hanukkah celebrations with latkes and applesauce, we strive to help our older population have the joy of the holidays as they have for years in the past.

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Opening Minds Through Art

Related Service: Older Adult Support

JFS offers meaningful programming for those living with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. One way we have done this is through the Opening Minds Through Art (OMA) program. Through a partnership with OMA facilitator Eileen Wallach, we are working to build bridges across age and cognitive barriers through art. The program focuses on imagination instead of memory, and on remaining strengths instead of lost skills.

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Senior Services Directory

Related Service: Older Adult Support

Our “Services for Seniors” guide serves as a go-to publication for anything you might need related to senior living. Need to know which pharmacies deliver? How to get a ride somewhere? Volunteer opportunities? Pulled from years of experience, the senior directory is an invaluable resource to those living in Nashville as well as to family members who live outside of Nashville and still want to take care of their loved one.

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Mugs & Notepads

Related Service: Volunteers

Our volunteers make such a difference, and we recognize the tremendous value that volunteers bring to our community. We also recognize the wonderful feeling that we all get from helping others. These mugs and notepads are some of the small tokens of appreciation we offer our volunteers.

Volunteer Opportunities


Related Service: Adoption

Choosing adoption is an extremely emotional decision, and JFS has the tools to guide the process along until it reaches the end goal – a happy, healthy family unit. The opportunity to receive education and counseling along the way is invaluable to the success of the adoption journey. Our adoption blankets symbolize the warm  support we provide to families.

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Healthy Skills for Kids

Related Service: Family & Community Support

Healthy Skills is an educational program with one goal in mind: protecting our children by teaching them all aspects of building healthy relationships and recognizing unhealthy relationships. Children are taught about body boundaries, red flags of sexual abuse, safety regarding strangers, positive social skills, resolving conflicts, conflict negotiation, direct communication, and dealing with bullies. Books like these are a valuable resource in that process.

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All Services

Our comprehensive social services and programs are designed to enrich the whole person, enhance the whole family, and empower the whole community–no matter your age, race, religion, preference, identity, economic standing, or otherwise.

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Counseling Services

Life can be challenging, relationships can be hard, and you may need the extra support that comes with working with a therapist. Our licensed social workers offer counseling for individuals, couples, and families, as well as for children and adolescents.

Individuals  |  Couples  |  Families   |  Children & Teens

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Adoption Services

Choosing to adopt a child, or to place a child for adoption, is a life-altering decision. We are a licensed child-placing agency in Tennessee with more than 40 years of experience in adoption services in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.

Birth Parents  |  Adoptive Parents  |  LGBTQ+ Adoptions

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Food & Financial Support

Whether you need emergency financial assistance, such as help paying a utility bill or rent for the month, or material assistance by ensuring your children have gifts at the holidays, school supplies, or food supplements, Jewish Family Service offers this critical assistance in a confidential, compassionate manner.

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Older Adult Programs & Services

We recognize that older adults are true treasures, and we strive to create and maintain a community that values and celebrates them for their wisdom, contributions, and experiences. Our programs and services are an important outlet for our older adults, encouraging them to be social and stimulated.

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Family & Community Enrichment

Life can be challenging, and knowledge is power. The Jewish Family Service’s Family and Community Enrichment programs serve to empower, protect, and address the ever-changing needs of the entire Nashville community.

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Who We Are

Passionate providers of comprehensive social services, we are advocates, allies, educators, cheerleaders, and guides who create solutions to problems facing families and individuals of all ages.

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jfs-nashville-about-us-thumbnail-2024Our Staff

We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to treating each person with compassion, care and dignity.

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jfs-nashville-board-of-directors-thumbnail-2024Board of Directors

A group of people with different backgrounds and perspectives who come together to help Jewish Family Service fulfill its mission and expand its reach.

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Our Impact

We serve the people of Nashville and Middle Tennessee in many different ways. Here are a few of the human stories where JFS programs have made a tangible difference in people’s daily lives.

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Items That Tell a Story

We’ve compiled a selection of items that we use frequently at JFS – in some cases every day.

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Ways To Help

The number of ways in which you can help support individuals and families navigate life’s transitions are endless.

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Volunteers are a vital part of how we support our clients. Find opportunities to assist those in our community who need a helping hand.

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Since our founding in 1853, the generous support of our community has made the work of Jewish Family Service possible.

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JFS Central

Press coverage about JFS Nashville’s programing and services, learn about the history of the agency from our past newsletters, and enjoy reading original JFS content like our signature advice column, “Dear Esther.” Stay up to date with the impact we’re making throughout our community.

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Events & Gatherings

Check out the full calendar of upcoming JFS Nashville events. From community education, support groups, and special engagements alike, find out where you can show up and get connected.

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Information & Referral Resources

Connect with our community partners. Our information and referral directory includes local and national resources that can provide additional support for addiction, mental health, and more.

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Mental Health Matters

Mental Health Matters is a JFS series that was designed to reduce the stigma of mental health issues by providing education, increasing awareness, and inclusivity. Check out our ongoing resources and past programming.

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Senior Services Directory

Need to know which pharmacies deliver? How to get a ride somewhere? Volunteer opportunities? The senior directory is the go-to resource for anything seniors might need related to the community.

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